To preview your data, you must first have access to it. This operation can be difficult when distributed into different systems and silos which is why many companies choose to bring them together in a Data Lake. However, without governance or stewardship, these data lakes are rapidly turning into swamps, veritable brakes on innovation.

Join AXA Belgium to discover their journey from data silos to insights with Attunity and Cloudera. In this webinar you will learn:

  • What the IT landscape of AXA looked like and the challenges it posed for the company and how Attunity has simplified the unlocking of data from existing systems and the integration of these into Data Lake.
  • How Cloudera made it possible to transform the data lake into a real data hub
  • How Attunity and Cloudera are the elements that generate value for AXA's insurance use cases

Partner: Cloudera

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