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The traditional ETL approach for moving data to the cloud is labor-intensive and costly, not to mention brittle and slow, draining organizations of time and resources that they just do not have.

In this webinar, you will hear from Gordon Food Service and how they sharpened their competitive edge by delivering the freshest data to Google Cloud and dished up a better customer experience through real-time data insights. You will discover how Qlik’s data integration platform enabled Gordon Food Service to successfully run their Data Modernization Analytics Program and build real-time analytic data pipelines, unlocking multiple data sources, to Google Cloud with simple yet powerful data delivery.

View the video below for a preview of the full OnDemand webinar: 

Register today and learn how Gordon Foods:

  • Improved their Customer Experience
  • Replaced slow custom replication scripts and speed up analytics
  • Simplify and automate their real-time data streaming process
  • Moves thousands of objects on a daily basis

Find out how your organization can breathe new life into your data in the cloud, stay ahead of changing demands while lowering over-reliance on resources, production time and costs.



Kyle Partlo 
Software and Analytics Team Manager
Gordon Food Service


Tom Majeski 
Manager, Application and Data Services
Gordon Food Service


Eric Thorsen
North American Head - SAP Customer Engineering


Adam Mayer
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager