During this lab you will be able test drive Qlik Replicate with Microsoft Azure Synapse for analytics use cases.

This hands-on-lab will demonstrate how to use Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) to ingest and deliver data in real-time to Microsoft Azure Synapse. During the lab Qlik and Microsoft experts will lead you step-by-step to quickly load data from a MySQL database into Azure Synapse Analytics data warehouse, then enable data updates in real-time. You will also see a demonstration of SAP data replication into Synapse.

The lab will address the concepts related to Qlik Replicate data ingestion and streaming to Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics. In addition, you will see how Qlik Replicate can deliver data from other popular relational database systems, mainframes, or SAP applications that you might have in your enterprise.

Lab Agenda

    • Qlik Replicate Test Drive for Microsoft Azure Synapse
    • Log In to Start the Tutorial and Navigating the Tutorial
    • Tutorial Modules
      • MySQL Source Configuration
      • Configure Azure Data Lake Gen2 Storage
      • Azure Synapse Analytics Target Configuration
      • Task Configurations
      • Data Transformation Configuration
      • Run Configuration Task
    • Azure Storage Configuration Test and Save
    • Data Warehouse Automation
      • Rapidly Create Analytics-Ready Data Marts
      • Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses Features
    • Transformed Data Visualization
      • Power BI
      • Azure Synapse

At the end of the lab, we will explore how Qlik Compose, our Data Warehousing Automation solution, automates the process of creating and updating data sets in Azure Synapse. We will also share our free PoV and discount offering.

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