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It’s time to calibrate for shifts in power – and data

Geopolitical, social, and economic concerns. Isolationist tendencies, “privacy debt,” and skilled-labor shortages. Some scholars are claiming we’re in the midst of a changing world order and a deglobalization process that will shift the balances of power – and data.

As data and analytics professionals, it’s crucial we learn how to calibrate for crisis – so we can react in the moment and anticipate what’s coming next.

Join us for our Calibrate for Crisis: Top 10 BI & Data Trends 2023 webinar as we reveal the top 10 BI and data trends that will impact organizations over the coming year.

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Dan Sommer
Senior Director, Qlik

Industry thought leader Dan Sommer, Senior Director, Market Intelligence at Qlik, will share real-world application of the trends and forecast their impact on the year ahead.