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Amplifying Impact with Data Products.

Ready to dive into the realm of data-driven evolution? Join us for an empowering conversation where we'll explore the transformative potential of data products in today's AI-driven landscape.

During this webinar, you'll:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of data products and their core definition.
  • Discover how data products benefit various stakeholders, from data engineers to governance stewards.
  • Uncover the key ingredients essential for successful data product creation and management.

Whether you're a seasoned data enthusiast or just beginning to explore the possibilities of data-driven innovation, this webinar is tailored to provide you with the knowledge and insights needed to thrive in the era of AI.



Dan Potter

VP of Product Marketing - Qlik



Chandana Gopal

Research Director - IDC
Guest Speaker



Sharad Kumar

Field CTO, Data - Qlik


What are Data Products?

This guide provides definitions and practical advice to help you understand and develop data products to unlock value from your data.

Data Products Guide

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About Qlik

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