Do More with Qlik – Direct Query and Data Gateway - Direct Access 

Join Mike Tarallo as he explores how to extend analytic capabilities for big data and near-real-time use cases with our new Direct Query capability.

In this session, he will showcase:

  • How Qlik now supports applications to directly query cloud databases using a SQL push-down approach through visualizations and user filtering with Direct Query for sources including Snowflake
  • Why this further gives Qlik a competitive advantage around data access to analytic insights and answering questions on use cases relevant to you


Do you have a need to securely analyze enterprise data behind a firewall like on-premises data? Now, it’ll be easy to enable analytics applications to securely access data behind a firewall with our new Data Gateway – Direct Access, releasing mid-August. Mike will show you how to securely push data from on-premise sources into an analytics application in Qlik Cloud. He will demonstrate how data can be used seamlessly in Qlik’s data manager, and via load scripts, while being easily managed and controlled from Qlik Cloud.

Join Mike as he showcases how data communication is via a secure reverse tunnel without the need to open firewall ports – empowering you to “Do More” with your data.

August 24, 2022
10:00 AM EDT / 16.00 CET

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