Taking Analytics to New Heights: The Cloud Advantage

Data analysis is growing in demand, and organizations with traditional on-premise and desktop-heavy infrastructures are facing challenges in scaling their analytics practice to keep up with that demand. Cloud analytics platforms are helping analytics teams like Ikano Bank to deliver more self-service analytics capabilities to decision makers without investing in additional hardware or software. 

Taking Analytics to New Heights: The Cloud Advantage will explore how cloud analytics platforms can help your team easily tap into powerful features, including automations, predictive capabilities, alerting, reporting, and much more. You will hear directly from Ikano Bank’s Business Intelligence Manager, Andre Berlin, about: 

  • The importance of aligning the analytics strategy with the company’s overall IT Strategy 
  • The technical advantages of moving to Cloud Analytics
  • Important business considerations and migration strategy 
  • How the cloud changed ways of working for the better 
  • Plans moving forward to capitalize on the power of the cloud  

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Webinar Speakers

James Kobielus

Brendan Grady

Vice President and General Manager

Sean Stauth

André Berlin

Business Intelligence Manager
Ikano Bank

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