See Qlik Data Integration and Analytics in Action with Google Cloud Services

Together, Qlik and Google accelerate the availability of information along with related insights that are currently trapped in SAP, mainframe, legacy systems, warehouses, and enterprise apps by delivering a scalable, high-performance, real-time data integration and 3rd generation BI solution. Request a demo and talk with our solution experts, and see how you can do more with Qlik and Google, for example:

  • SAP Analytics - Liberate and move SAP data to Google BigQuery for real-time analytics projects
  • Cloud Data Migration - Efficiently load and continuously update data into Google BigQuery, Google CloudSQL and Google Pub-Sub
  • Cloud Data Warehousing - Automate and optimize Google BigQuery cloud data warehouse
  • Cloud Data Lakes - Enhance and improve analytics-ready data sets for your Google DataProc or Google Store data lake initiatives


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