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Join this webinar and see how Qlik & Microsoft’s new joint offering improves insights from SAP data, removes the challenges of complexity, time, and cost, and provides flexibility for your SAP data in downstream analytics initiatives.

During the webinar, you will see how this integrated solution can dramatically decrease the time it takes to deliver valuable insights from SAP data, as well as combine it with non-SAP data in Azure Synapse.

We will also explore how you can easily get started with Qlik and Microsoft’s free Proof-of- Value (PoV) that includes software and expertise to remove barriers and accelerate real-time SAP Analytics.

Register for this webinar and learn how use your liberated SAP data for analytics initiatives such as:

  • Real-time insights – Maximize efficiency by using "in-the-moment" SAP data to deliver business insights.
  • SAP + non-SAP data – Blend critical, high-value SAP data with non-SAP data for advanced analytics.
  • BI + Machine Learning – Bring SAP data to BI and Machine Learning platforms for predictive analytics.
Register and receive the details about this joint offering and our ebook Unleashing your SAP data, that explores how to deliver SAP objects, transactions, and system data to Azure data services including Azure Synapse, Azure SQL Database, Azure HDInsight, Azure Event Hubs, and Azure Databricks.

Unleash your SAP data

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Charles Feddersen
Principal Group Program Manager
Azure Synapse Analytics


Matt Hayes
VP of SAP Business


David Freriks
Emerging Technology Evangelist

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