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Make 2024 the Year of AI Adoption

In an era of AI saturation, it can feel impossible to know which innovations will have the most impact. It’s one thing to keep up with the latest trends, but can you evaluate which ones are most impactful and bring them to life in your enterprise?

Join us for a discussion about how you can take AI from trend to tangible business tool, from theory to reality. Our host, renowned AI expert, Ronald van Loon, will guide a conversation with Qlik’s Chief Strategy Officer, James Fisher, and Head of AI, Nick Magnuson, looking at:

  • Major AI and data trends for 2024
  • What makes a trend a trend, with so many perspectives on AI?
  • Aligning trends with corporate strategy and knowing when to pay attention
  • Avoiding innovation paralysis by identifying specific use cases and strategies for adoption
  • Making AI and data trends tangible with tips for execution

Trends can be confusing, but don’t let opportunities pass you by. Instead, stay ahead of the game by learning from them and putting them into practice.

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