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Building AI you can trust

We’ve got more than enough data flooding the enterprise to build AI – but can you trust it? How can organizations scale and demonstrate progress, without skipping the critical first step of building a solid data foundation?

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Tim Zhou, Managing Director of AI at Accenture, for a no-nonsense discussion about how to put this into practice. Alongside our host, renowned AI expert Ronald van Loon, they will discuss:

  • The critical role of trusted data in AI success
  • Practical strategies to build and maintain a solid data foundation
  • Real-world examples of organizations driving AI with trusted data

Don't miss this opportunity to accelerate your AI journey by building the data foundations for success.

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About Qlik

Qlik converts complex data landscapes into actionable insights. Our platform-agnostic technology portfolio leverages pervasive data quality and advanced AI/ML capabilities. We excel in integration and governance solutions that work with diverse data sources. Our intuitive analytics uncover hidden patterns, empowering teams to address complex challenges and seize new opportunities.

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